A new author is born…

So naturally a new blog is also born! Just what the cyber universe needs right, another blog? Right! My first post is about my journey as a new author. Subsequently, I will then post about subject matter related to my work in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

My Stories

I have many stories to tell that have been fermenting in my brain for years.  My fantasy stories are the oldest, and the horror series I am working on right now are the newest. I have been making notes on my fantasy series since I was a teenager in the late eighties. The first time I wrote the rest of my book ideas down on paper was several years ago. At the time, I was taking long walks with my wife and daughter. On these long walks, the ideas really started to flood in. Eventually, everything that I did seemed to either bring additional ideas or expand on other ideas. Among my ideas are even some children books. I just finished writing my first book, and have about a dozen more waiting to be written. Currently, the ideas continue to flow.


Inspiration for my stories come from many different sources. Inspiration for my fantasy series started with J. R. R. Tolkien when I first read the Hobbit as a school assignment. Most of my young childhood my head was in a fantasy world.

Later, my interest in science and technology really bloomed. I always loved science, and in fact eventually became an engineer. A big part of my interest came from growing up during the computer and internet revolution. My father had a PC at home that I used well before most of my classmates. Even before then my older brother had an early PC when I was only eight. E.T., Star Wars, and Star Trek were also inspirations for my science fiction stories.

Inspiration for Horror came primarily from two interesting life experiences. When I was young, I ran into a busy street and was nearly struck by a car. I had a paranormal experience when I saw a mysterious woman smile at me immediately after the accident when I was being dragged from under the car. No one else saw her. Later in life, I had another paranormal experience where a demon visited me one night. I will blog about these experiences another day. My current ideas were also sparked from watching the TV series, A Haunting on the discovery channel.


The seed to start writing did not occur to me until I was reading books to my first daughter and realized how outdated and boring many of the books were. That is when the thought to write first hit me and I started writing down my ideas. The ideas were flowing in yet I still did not start writing. It got to the point that the ideas were keeping my up night, and all my thoughts and ideas began to feel crowded.

Then seven months ago my second daughter was born. That is when I felt waves of inspiration and finally started to write. It is as if my brain reversed from absorbing information to expelling it. Since then I have been writing in my spare time and enjoying every minute of it. I wish that I would have started writing sooner, but it feels like I was meant to start writing seven months ago.

Why I Write

To become rich and famous? No, I would be better off playing the lottery. The average writer does not make enough to support a family, and I am not counting on it. I write because of all the ideas and stories crowding my head. Getting the stories out is not only a relief, but also a newfound joy. I feel as though my life experience has led me to where I am now. I also feel that it gives me a great sense of purpose.

Current Work

I am currently working on my second book, which is the sequel to Seraphim of Prey (SoP) Harbinger, appropriately called SoP Legacy. I keep getting interrupted by my other book ideas, but just make notes on them for now. Legacy will actually take place in the near future, so I am having fun incorporating near future technologies and applications. I will blog about these in the future. My fantasy series is screaming to get out, so more than likely I will start on it next.

So there you have it, my journey to becoming a writer. Thank you for letting me share it with you.


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