Fantasy Demons


In my new fantasy horror novel, Seraphim of Prey: Harbinger, there is a cast of demons.  Although the demons are not physical beings, they are spiritual beings that interact with each other in their primary dimension that is parallel to our own. At certain points of space and time, our physical dimension and the parallel spiritual dimension collide, creating an intermediate bubble plane known as the veil. In the veil, both humans and spiritual beings can have influence, and even manifest.  Demons yearn for the veil, where they can influence our lives and exercise their base pleasures.  Below I  will discuss the various demons of Harbinger.

The Footmon and Aeromon

The Footmon are minor demons. They stand about four feet tall and are of a muscular stature. They have pale rust colored flesh, beady eyes and short round noses. They fight with tooth and claw and have a ravenous hunger for angel flesh. They are incapable of reaching the veil because of their low intelligence, but are the main force behind the demon horde. Their sole existence is to fight and consume their enemies. They simply mob their enemies and attempt to overrun them with their numbers. At the end of every fight, they consume the dead.

The Aeromon are the winged counterparts of the Footmon. They are very similar to the footmon but have bat like wings in place of arms, and their legs are more like clawed arms. Their instinct is to drag their enemies close to the ground to within reach of the Footmon. They are less numerous then their counterparts, but this is mainly because they are among the first to die in every battle.

The Gree

The Gree are three armed demons that skulk around in the shadows on the spiritual battlefield or in the veil. They are short and skinny in stature and hunched over standing only two feet tall. They have thin legs, three scrawny arms, a barbed tail, and vestigial wings. They have a humanlike head with a protruding snout. Fanged uneven teeth line their mouths. The third arm protrudes from between their shoulder blades and curves upward over their heads. Folded leather wings hang on either side of the middle arm. They crawl around on all five limbs.

Their primary motive is to sneak into the veil where they can feed on human greed. On the battlefield they trail behind the Footmon and fight only when they need to. They have a knack for finding portals into the veil and are sometimes used by greater demons for this purpose. The Gree attach themselves to people instead of places, and typically feed indefinitely until a tastier victim presents themselves or the victim leaves the reach of the veil.

The Glut

These demons are surprisingly agile for their stocky statures. They are only eighteen inches tall and have stubby bat like wings. Their big bellies make their diminutive arms look even smaller. They are barely able to reach past their guts. Bulbous eyes protrude out of their skulls as if they are about to pop. They have small round noses, and their nostrils are visible on the front of their faces. Small pointed teeth adorn their wicked grins. They have pale green leathery hides with the occasional hairy mole protruding from their flesh. Their legs resemble that of a chicken’s, with thick thighs and small, clawed feet.

In the veil, Gluts feast on any negative emotion that is in reach. From all the negativity that they consume, they can then excrete a spiritual suggestion for their victims to increase their destructive behavior and spread more negative emotions. They will also cause suppressed emotions to boil to the surface in a flash, causing whatever strife that they can. They like to stick together and function as a gang in the battlefield and in the veil. They are almost always involved in demonic hauntings, and will sometimes manifest themselves as shadow people.

Rope Demons

Rope demons are called such because of their long rubbery rope like arms. They have slender legs and short bodies, but a long reach and strong hands. Their elongated heads harbor four eyes in a V formation, and are absent of a nose. Their expressionless open mouths belie their cunning. Their ferocity in battle has earned them a place by their lieutenant’s side when part of a demon horde. They snatch their enemies from flight or afar and strangle them with their strong hands. They are quick and use their arms and hands for moving about when they need to cover ground quickly.

When in the veil, either alone or in pairs, they feed off of despair and suffering. They are very patient, and will feed of off their victims over a long period. They whisper in their victim’s ears that they are worthless, unloved, unwanted, and a waste of life. They prolong the depression as long as they can to satiate their hunger. Finally, they enjoy their desert when their victims finally take their own lives. Then, they lie in wait for their next victims. They are known to manifest themselves as previous victims to haunt their current ones.

The Lieutenant

Leraje is a fallen demon lord and master of strife. The mighty Archangel Michael captured him and cast him into the Lake of Fire after a battle a long time ago. He suffered oblivion for thousands of years before Asmodeus pulled him from the Lake of Fire. Serve Asmodeus or be cast back were his only choices. Now he is one of his lieutenants. His ancient and natural form is that of a handsome human with massive black raven wings. Before his first defeat, he wielded an elegant bow in which he fired poisonous arrows at his enemies. Since his liberation, however, he has taken the form of a gaunt three clawed demon and is but a shadow of his former self. His slender form fools many of his true strength and fierceness in battle. He has razor-sharp claws and teeth, and his hateful eyes burn with the memories of oblivion. The only thing he hungers for is bringing death to humans. For every life he takes, a remnant of his ancient power awakens.

Leraje salivates at the chance for his own command. With it will come many freedoms that he has not enjoyed in hundreds of years. Although he is only a lieutenant, he is just as ancient and almost as powerful as his master. He has served Asmodeus ever since he pulled him from the Lake of Fire. And now, he has been given free reign over a small city nestled in the great Rocky Mountains. It is his time to seize power, and rule his own little piece of the veil and the humans within it.

The Demon Lord

Asmodeus is an ancient demon lord that has been known throughout history as the master of lust and ambition. He is one of the seven princes of hell, and has a massive force of demons that serve him. He prefers to manifest himself as a man with a ram’s head and legs. Asmodeus has built an empire in the veil over the centuries, and has power over the darkest holes of metropolitan areas across the world. Although he plays only a small role in Harbinger, he is the master of the demons that terrorize the small mountain city. As a demon lord, he has supernatural premonitions about the future, and has foreseen an enemy rise from the mountain city. His lieutenant will either fail and reveal his enemy, or succeed and expand his power. Asmodeus watches from the shadows of his lair.

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